Nice obit for James Estes by Carl, but he persists in somewhat misstating the 
status of the Texas Region in the NSS.

Once upon a time, the NSS board included official representatives of "regions," 
including the Texas Region, as it was called at the time. This turned out to be 
very unwieldy, with lots of absences at meetings, etc., and the whole 
organization of the NSS was changed to an elected board of governors, with the 
regions just becoming Internal Organizations (under rules similar to those for 
grottos) and no longer having a formal role in the management of the NSS.

However, the Texans, now called the Texas Speleological Association, continued 
to be a region of the NSS. The region itself underwent a similar change in 
organization. Once upon a time it was governed by representatives of Texas 
grottos, which no doubt explains the existence of so many tiny, short-lived 
grottos that are described in Kunath's 50 Years of Texas Caving--Central 
Catholic High School Grotto, 1972-73, for example. Now it too is run by elected 
people, to the extent that it is (anybody seen a Texas Caver this year?). -- 
A chicken is the egg's way of making another egg.
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