I have that book as well, Fritz, plus his Texas Caves book.

A very entertaining read and I imagine sitting on the porch out there every 
time I read it.

Beautiful photographs in his Caves book.

My kids and I stopped by the ghost town to see him a few years back. We just 
missed him, as he had been airlifted to SA or Houston for a stroke or cardiac 
issue he had just experienced.

His residence/cats/and the ghost town was just a unique as he was.

A terrible loss.

Mark Alman

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I found Blair Pittman's 50 page  booklet titled "Tales From The Terlingua 
Porch". He wrote inside, "To Fritz - If It Ain't The Truth - It Outta Be - 
April 9, 08  -Enjoy-
Viva Terlingua !!!
Blair Pittman
(Ver Batim) Your nostalgic dad.

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On Oct 11, 2016, at 9:27 AM, Fritz Holt 
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Not sure but I think we met him before his accident. I will look for his signed 
book which is probably dated and will let you know. Dad

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On Oct 10, 2016, at 11:33 PM, Jenny Holt 
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I also sent this to you, in case you hadn't seen it. We met him at a rock shop 
just out of Study Butte heading towards BBNP - was that before his motorcycle 
accident or afterwards?  I remember he was driven up by a driver who also had 
tourists who got out to visit the rock shop & he sat out on the porch with us & 
gabbed. He was great & quite interesting.

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On Oct 10, 2016, at 11:08 PM, Fritz Holt 
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We met him at a shop in Terlingua or nearby and he autographed his book that we 
purchased, From The Back Porch, probably on our group trip in 2008? He was a 
writer, photographer and well known and liked by cavers and lovers of the Big 
Bend area. Fritz

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Another unique individual is gone -  Exploring and photographing caves was only 
only one of the remarkable and exceptional  aspects of Blair Pittman.


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Our Community Mourns One of our Own

 Blair Pittman passed away this morning. Blair was a famous and infamous 
photographer from Houston paper in the old days, came out to Big Bend regularly 
and ultimately settled out here. He was married to Jeanne Northsworthy in the 
80s and was around Lajitas and involved with us all during the Mischer days and 
with the local old-timers..like Ross Maxwell.

He and Jean Hardy-Pittman fell in love and have been married for quite a while 
now and we have enjoyed them both often in the Ghostown. She has been his angel 
and he knew it. He shot (photographed) our Big Bend so wonderfully and he loved 
it deeply. May he RIP….and we will miss him a lot. I loved him.
Memorial service to be decided later.

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