The most important part of TCR is the parade, dinner and party afterwards. Keep 
your clients happy and come out Saturday morning/afternoon. Hopefully someone 
can give you a ride.

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I am self-employed and in theory, I could leave Houston at 5 p.m. today, 
Thursday, and drive non-stop to Paradise Canyon in my luxurious 4x4 Sequoia.

However, that would be a very irresponsible thing to do, and a bad business 
decision.    ( I get over half of my weekly jobs ) on Friday afternoon, and I 
do not want my competitors getting my client, as I probably would never get 
that client back.

That would also mean leaving Houston in hellacious traffic.

Also, I would have to charge the trip on plastic, and I haven't yet paid for my 
NSS Convention trip.

Also, I might have to leave Paradise Canyon if a client calls.

Also, my estranged-wife is celebrating her 55th birthday at our house on 
Saturday afternoon, and I have not yet decided if I am going to that.   There 
will be some hot drunk girls there from Tamaulipas, Mexico and Colombianas and 
Argentinas, and more, so that is one reason to stay home.

But I do want to be at TCR as much as you all do.

I have not been swimming since the Waynesville, NSS Convention.

David Locklear
NSS # 27639

Tel.:   two81-995-8487 ( text-line )

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