It's poor form for you to blaming others for appearance of Texas Caver when you 
have taken no responsibility for your past leadership failures. Quit before you 
embarrass yourself any more.

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On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 1:08 AM -0500, "via Texascavers" 
<> wrote:

What you ought to be pissed off about is waiting a year for a really poorly 
edited TxCvr, when anyone that really cared about their job would have gone to 
extreme effort to put together the very best issue they could as a true apology 
for the transgressions of the past. And for the record, I gave credit where 
credit was due: the authors who bothered to send in articles to a defunct Cvr 
even if they didn't know it would be published. They deserve accolades, not the 

Sorry you find it hateful to call a spade a spade. Perhaps when you were an 
officer of the TSA, you could have helped correct the situation rather than 
send nasty emails to those that are disgusted with the lackluster results of a 
TSA that apologizes rather than acts when there is a serious problem.

And as a lesson to history, I have put in my time as an officer of the TSA, 
edited the TxCvr, and published the Activities Newsletter when another past 
editor did not perform. I've attended TSA meetings for over 40 years and been 
involved in and led TSA projects. Don't even try to give me a lesson on how 
things work and the sacrifices involved with making both the TSA and TxCvr work.

You, at least in the past as an officer, were responsible for not just putting 
on a Convention, attending meetings, and doing the miscellaneous jobs required 
by the office, but also carrying on a legacy established by others before you. 
The thousands of days and hours of work by others over 50 some years to create 
an organization that brought the various caving groups together, made them want 
to contribute to the greater good, and create one of the best caving 
publications in the country, is that legacy. That legacy has been increasingly 
squandered in the recent past to the point that folks ask me what difference 
the TSA makes nowadays. I try to defend the TSA but the inability to get a 
TxCvr out for a year, the lack of transparency in informing the membership of 
the situation, and the type of response I have received from you for voicing 
disgust at a well meant but poorly edited TxCvr after so long a hiatus, make it 

And if you think folks don't notice those glaring errors on the front cover, 
you must really have a low opinion of their expectations. Maybe that's part of 
our problem. Just getting by is apparently the norm, one must give credit and 
applause even for a poor job, and the lack of pride that folks seem to want to 
put into their work.

This may sound like nasty, hateful, talk and make you want to run away and 
hide, but it's time for the TSA to stand up and be counted. Those that came 
before you carried the water for many years. Now it's your turn and we're 

Jerry Atkinson.

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On Oct 14, 2016, at 9:26 PM, Heather Tucek via Texascavers 
<> wrote:

> Wow Jerry.  Thanks for being yet another hateful caver "family member" who 
> has nothing nice to say, yet can't keep their mouth shut, who never offers 
> positive criticism or maybe an offer to help those who need assistance with 
> something they are new at doing. Sorry that so many people worked their butts 
> off aside from their normal jobs and families to get a publication out that 
> people have been griping about not getting, but not helping to produce, just 
> to make you focus on spelling errors and publication inconsistencies that 
> most people don't know about (yet don't get help finding).
> Man, I'm so glad to be a part of this group.
> -sincerely, your pissed off former secretary.
> On Oct 14, 2016, at 9:12 PM, Jerry via Texascavers 
> <> wrote:
>> I am in awe.
>> Just a quick perusal of the cover says it all. I'll be waiting for Marvin to 
>> return from his time machine trip to 2105. And for grins, I did find that 
>> "Haule" is a village consisting of about 610 inhabitants in the  
>> municipality of Ooststellingwerf in the east of Friesland in the Netherlands
>> I was astounded to find that I have been spelling "flow stone" incorrectly 
>> all these years.  And who authored the "Forged in Fire" photo montage of 
>> some unknown cave(s) somewhere in Hawaii at some unknown date. At least 
>> there were photo captions identifying the people, if not the cave, unlike 
>> most of the other articles.
>> I did enjoy the articles, and I appreciate the effort that the authors put 
>> forward for the enjoyment of us all. I hope you continue to submit articles 
>> in the future despite this issue.
>> Really, folks, I understand that you all wanted to get this issue out before 
>> TCR and were probably rushed, but "Damnnnnn !"  If the polished trappings 
>> and fancy layout are the reasons for the bargain basement editing, 
>> proofreading, and publication delays, let's consider going back to xerox 
>> copies with corner staples that are timely and actually appear to have been 
>> published by an organization that gave a hoot.
>> Jerry Atkinson.
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>> Sent: Fri, Oct 14, 2016 12:14 pm
>> Subject: Texas Caver Magazine Ready
>> TSA Members,
>> The long awaited Texas Caver Magazine is printed and also available online 
>> in the members area I am 
>> bringing the printed magazines to TCR tonight and will have them at the 
>> Friday Wine Tasting and from then on I will probably leave them at 
>> registration. The magazines will finally be available at the TSA members 
>> meeting on Sunday, October 16th at 9am. I will mail any magazines that 
>> remain after TCR.
>> Thanks to Jill for all your hard work on the magazine. Thanks to Linda Palit 
>> and Niki Lake for helping get the magazine ready from the printer.
>> Hope to see you at TCR!
>> Ellie
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