I slept in the back of my Sequoia Friday night.   I chose to just barely
open the windows and sweat,  than to deal with the flying gnats.

Several cavers offered breakfast to me.   I had plenty of cereal though.

I took long dip in the river and a quick dip in the hot tub and socialized.

I am guessing I have seen 200 people here so far.    Since I was not rushed
this year, I got a chance to chat with people I have never chatted with.
I guess 99% of every Texas grotto is represented here.

People missed are those that are inactive or haven't been around for along

Ron Rutherford is working the Caveskins booth.

Speleobooks is here, as are the usual vendors.

TCMA booth is working their tail off.    It is hot if you are no wet in the
shade during the mid-day.

Cooks are working their *** off.

Jonathan was out on his inflatable paddleboard.    One kid had an
inflatable pontoon style kayak.   The Datri's were out on the river with
the baby in an inflatable-baby-raft.

Dave McClung has his daughter Hope playing with another kid.    There is a
nice playground here for ages 3-8

I think Ronnie Fiesler brought a hand-crafted cannon with 1750 style design.

Mercy Raines has her booth selling beads.

Logan McNatt has a small display honoring Charlie Yates and Blair Pittman (
R.I.P. )

Lee Jay Graves is working TSA booth.

A bar is set up at Carta Valley area, and there is plenty of liquor.

All the events are on going.   There is a 4 meter tall Peg- Climbing board
for those with a high arm-strength per body-weight ratio.

There is plenty of cool water in the river.   Plenty of sunshine and plenty
of shade.

Cavers are still arriving.

Bill Mixon is working the AMCS booth.

Lots of babies, toddlers and dogs this year.

People who were real cavers before 1981 got an entrance admission
discount.   I am guessing nearly 100 qualified for that.    I guess I was
relieved not to qualify.    I have to wait 3 years unless they change the

Don Auburn and staff did an awesome job.    And Stefan Creaser and Vico
Jones an others are toiling away at the kitchen.

Peter Sprouse is giving rides in The Powerwagon as is Don Auburn in the
John Deer Jeep.

TSS has volunteers selling their publications.

People are bicycling.

Fernando is slacklining.

The Sea-Aggies are on their "The SpeleoBarge."

I give the 2016 TCR a 10.1 out of 10.   But I do wish people that I had
caved with in the 80's and 90's were still active and had attended.

Don't miss 2017 TCR.   Get there on Thursday afternoon.

David Locklear
NSS # 27639
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