There are at least 10 people that had a positive impact on the success of
TCR that will probably
go un-recognized:

1 )   Mark Zuckerburg

2 )   Linus Torvalds

3 )   Charles Goldsmith

4 )   Nicholas Otto

5 )   Dr. Frederick Stark Pearson
       [  see history of Pearson's Medina Irrigation Company - MICO ]

6 )  Also, the nerdy guy or girl in Ikaria, Greece, around the year 500
B.C., that threw hot stones in a tank of water
      and discovered that the hot water was relaxing.

7 )   The ancient ones that hunted the Medina River Hodag to extinction,
because it would have
       been very scary swimming in the river at night with that thing still
running around eating kids.

8 )   The ancient Mayan Pozoletlhuecan who invented that delicious pozole
soup that we might
       otherwise just call "watered-down ghoulash of Mexican components."
 It is just easier to say, "pozole."

9 )    The British inventor, James Sharp.  ( see gas stove ).

and finally,

10 )    Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee  ( see history of internet )
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