Actually, I remembered Missy and Shannon as I was brainstorming how to
write that post ( while driving
in crazy traffic ), but it just didn't end up in the written draft.    But
thank you for correcting me.

I will let some A.S.S. historian worry about the details if they want to
write all that down somewhere and
correct my errors.    So at least 7 former A.S.S. members were there.
 Can you say that about
any other student grotto in Texas ?

Next year we should do a group photo.

At the 1998 TCR, we did that with about 20 former and present A.S.S.
members for the 25th
photo reunion, although we were only all together for about 60 seconds and
went our merry ways
after the photo shoot.    I recall 2 photographers taking a shot:   Ernie
Garza and Jay Jorden.   Maybe
someone can prod them to dig thru their archives and find it.   I have
never seen the photo, but it would
likely have Travis Kitchen and Dwayne Wight and Barb Vinson and John and
Alicia Gale and myself, and
maybe Travis Scott.

( I think I botched the spelling of Dwayne Wight's name )

David Locklear
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