This past weekend, we bid our farewells to 3 former friends and caving

I was thinking that statistically, there were probably more than 3 that
left us in the
past year, but it would be very difficult to find that info.

So I did some basic Google searches.    Below is a list of the first 6 that
popped up
( There were others )"    The first one is a Texan.

1 )    Glen Dale Gressett, 82
        of Seminole, Texas
        born: 12-18-33
        died:  01-19-16

        a pilot who loved flying, scuba diving, cave exploring, gold
mining, arrowhead hunting, and all water sports

2 )    David Spencer Martin
        born:  8-01-1950
        died:  8-12-16

        age 66, a resident of Wheaton, IL
        He was a life time member of the National Speleological Society

3 )    Katie Jane McClanahan Musch, 83
        Alamagordo, NM

        born:  2-12-33, Okra, Texas
        died:  8-9-16

         Earlier in her life she was active in the study of crystals and
minerals and cave exploring

4 )    Claron Dale Bjork
        born:    7-30-39, Murray, Utah
        died:     7-5-16

       He enjoyed cave exploring and became a river rafting guide.  His
favorite subject in school was
       science, especially biology, and he went on to earn various degrees
in microbiology, aquatic biology,
       and a Ph.D. in entomology.

5 )    Michael Hall
        born:    11-16-83 ( Portland, Oregon )
        died:     7-21-16 ( Yelm, Washington car accident )

        Lived near Olympia, Washington.   He loved cave exploring

6 )    Kenneth Lynn “Kenny” Chandler

        died: 5-18-16, in Woodville, Alababma
        He was 58.

        He loved cave exploring, but his favorite hobby was riding his
mountain bike
        for miles through Kennamer Cove.

David Locklear
NSS # 27639
sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it needs to be reported somehow.
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