Just a reminder that we're organizing another dig at the LaChance Sinkhole 
located northwest of New Braunfels for Saturday, October 22 (this weekend). 
This is a compound sinkhole with four different throats. The sinkholes drain a 
large area and have resulted in flooding of the house on the property. We made 
a lot of progress removing material from the sinkhole and creating some berms 
out of rock to help slow down water and drop sediment. One of the sinkholes is 
a cave approximately 50 feet long that has a 15 foot down climb to a bedding 
plane crawl. The digging is soft debris.

The other sinkhole throats are various amounts of rock and dirt. The cave 
associated with the sinkholes should go big. This is one of the bigger 
sinkholes in the Texas Hill Country and it is on the north side of the 
Guadalupe River so probably drains to San Marcos, approximately 20 miles away.

The dig will start around 9 am and the weather looks great. We'll have a jack 
hammer and generator at the site. We'll need buckets, pry bars, shovels, etc. 
for work at the cave.

I have room for about 25 folks so if you would like to go, please let me know.


Geary Schindel

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