So why not survey in cubits for a change of pace? Or leagues?

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> Folks,
> Congratulations to the winners of this year's survey contest. Andrea
> Croskrey and myself seized the opportunity to do something else with the
> course this year and run it through the new playground instead of
> through the water. The playground probably had a little more steel in it
> than we anticipated, but most of the seven teams that participated
> managed the challenge of their compass needles being deviated by that
> quite well... And so:
> 1. Place: Team Fisher Ridge FOREVER!!! (Andy Edwards and Sean Lewis),
> with a loop closure error of 0.31 meters (even though they surveyed in
> feet ;-))
> 2. Place: Dale Barnard and Galen Falgout, with a loop closure error of
> 1.57 meters
> 3. Place: Batgirl Omura & Yeti Habiak, with a loop closure error of 1.61
> meters
> Many thanks go to the sponsors of our prizes: First and foremost the
> Texas Speleological Survey, which donated the set of Suuntos (first
> place) and the Bosch disto (second place); G4 Spatial of Austin and San
> Antonio, who gave us a significant break on the instruments; and
> CaveSkinz for one of the survey pouches (third place)!!!
> Thanks also to Dale, trusted partner in crunching the numbers while
> everybody else is frolicking in the parade... :)
> Some observations that might help you survey:
> 1) Surveying to the millimeter (instead of centimeter) is unlikely to
> make a significant difference in the field. Just the stretch in the
> survey tape will probably even out any tiny win you might gain through
> that...
> 2) On the contrary, under good conditions Suunto instruments can usually
> be read to the quarter degree. Not sure how much of a practical
> difference that makes compared to reading them to the half degree.
> 3) While the rules state that we won't enter both fore- and backsights
> for you into the computer, it makes sense to at least read both
> directions anyway. This lets you spot potential issues with your primary
> shot (such as those caused by steel) on the spot.
> Cheers,
> David
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