The coolers are washed and put away, the recycling sorted (thanks all for only 
0.5% trash in there!) and put out, bills paid... Only the washing up and 
re-pack of the trailer to go...

Would like to thank the Aggies for another *outstanding* contribution - helping 
cook, serve, wash up after (!!), dismantle tent and re-pack of trailer. We 
could not do the weekend without their help, and it is *very* much appreciated.

The following people were largely responsible for getting all y'all fed  -  
Cammy and Vico Jones, Sean Vincent, Laura, Jocie Hooper, Eric Flint, Rob 
Upchurch, and a host of choppers (too many to list), stirrers and last minute 
shoppers (Ken Demarest)! I want to thank them for all their hard work, and 
putting up with me being a miserable **** all Saturday! Oh, and Sam Marshall 
for hauling the new trailer to and from TCR.

I have been chief cook and bottle washer for 10 TCRs now and the time has come 
for me to hang up my spoon and apron, and pass the trailer keys to a new, more 
enthusiastic, volunteer. It has been an interesting ride, but I need to enjoy 
Paradise Canyon from the other side of the pot sometime.

If you have the desire to take this on - lead a team of enthusiastic volunteers 
of your making, cooking food for your greater circle of friends, then please 
get in touch asap and we'll pass on some wisdom before our old brains erase it.

So long, and thanks for all the chillies.


Stefan Creaser
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