Sorry to read about Blair and his interesting life. Wish we had known him. 
Thanks for posting.
Preston Forsythe  

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  Blair Pittman Obit Attached (if the attachment did not come through on the 
re-mailer, write me and I'll send it directly) is the excellent obit for Blair 
that appeared in the Big Bend Gazette. It is distributed to the caving 
community with permission and encouragement of the editor, Marlys Hersey. Send 
her a thank you at Marlys HerseyEditor, The Big Bend Gazette(432) with a copy to Jean Hardy-Pittman at 
"Hardy-Pittman, Jean" <> Both will greatly appreciate your 
note. Blair's first wife, Abbie Brummett was known as "Tink". Blair and Tink 
were married in Caverns of Sonora. Tink's parents (James and Ann Brummett) were 
then at Caverns of Sonora and later moved to Cascade Caverns and then to Inner 
Space. (Thanks to Carl Kunath for straightening me out about that!) Troy passed 
away a few years ago, while Blair was living here in Terlingua. DirtDoc 
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHi, Dwight. How sweet. Here it is, 
attached. I JUST NOW found this in my "drafts" folder. I am sorry for the 
delay. I have no idea why it did not send 9 days ago when I first drafted this. 
 Marlys HerseyEditor, The Big Bend Gazette(432)  
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 Subject: Blair's obit
 Date: Tue, November 08, 2016 3:55 pm
 To: John and Marlys: We are subscribers and 
long-term supporters of the Gazette, and also a very long time friend and 
adventuring associate of Blair Pittman. I'm a link to the caving community and 
would very much like to obtain an electronic copy of your excellent obit for 
Blair to share with some of his cave exploring friends far from Terlingua. 
Thanks for your consideration. Dwight DealBox 10,
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