I saw a young man in Houston this week in a store and he barely looked like
your stereotypical homo sapien.  He was 6'3" and in tip-top physical
condition.  His unique feature was the largest brow-bridge that I had ever
seen.   I had never seen anybody that more resembled my vision of our
ancient Cro-Magnon ancestors.  I imagine the ladies would be very attracted
to this particular guy.

So out of curiosity, I Googled around for about 3 hours looking at
anthropology photos and anything that might resemble him.   I found
absolutely nothing.   He did not look like those wrestlers and boxers from
Russia as his forehead did not seem to be angular, but instead vertical
like Elvis.

I did learn from this research that the ancient people of Japan were
totally different than they havebeen for the past 3,000 years, and that the
original inhabitants of Japan are now allegedly extinct.

So I wonder if this young man that I saw was an anamoly, or part of his DNA
contains something lost from the ancient ones ??

The painters that travelled to remote places 300 years ago did an amazing
thing by recording all that diversity, as did the early photographers of
the late 1800's.

Googling all that and seeing the antique images was interesting.

David Locklear
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