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The trapped cavers spent a couple of days or so underground and got out safely 
with no injuries. 

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Subject: [SWR CAVERS] A couple of January 2018 cave articles of interest 

Here are a couple of interesting cave articles I came upon while
browsing the internet:

1.  Canada's deepest cave found, described as 'a refrigerator' (Jan. 17)

The cave, called Bisaro Anima, is only accessible by helicopter. It is 
5.3 km long and 670 meters deep, with its longest shaft measuring 105 

2. Eight remain trapped in Western Europe’s longest cave  (Jan. 23)

Eight men trapped in the Hölloch cave network in Switzerland’s Muotathal 
valley since January 21 can only be rescued this weekend at the earliest 
due to heavy rainfall. They are unhurt and are currently stuck in a 
water-tight bivouac.

I have no further updates on these stories.  I hope the Swiss cavers are 
out by now.

Lee Skinner

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