I’ll qualify my quip about the quality of this map to say that given it was 
produced the same day as the survey, it’s perhaps no better than I, or most, 
could produce so quickly. It’s just that as a caver I’m used to seeing higher 
quality maps, and indeed did chuckle at the wording of the standard P.G. stamp 
when viewed on such a basic map. Also, a profile and a few cross sections, of 
matching simplicity, wouldn’t have taken that long to include but would have 
added greatly to the amount of information conveyed by the map. I might have 
been overly harsh, but still smh. 

> Also, here’s a pathetic map of the cave, which Kimble laughable certifies is 
> to the best of his ability. smh 
> <image1.jpeg>
> <image2.jpeg>
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