The machinery the AMCS had used for our email list has broken, and in view of 
the difficulties of maintaining such an ever-growing list and the numerous 
other social-media outlets now used by cavers, we've decided to just ask that 
this announcement, including this preamble, be forwarded or posted to other 
relevant places such as grotto and regional email lists, Facebook groups, and 
expedition rosters.

The Association for Mexican Cave Studies' annual magazine, the AMCS Activities 
Newsletter, seeks articles and news on any important cave explorations and 
discoveries in Mexico for issue 41, to appear in early summer. An article 
should include all available cave maps and a selection of photographs to be 
considered for color printing. There is no size limit; the record so far is 
37,000 words. Authors may provide a Spanish abstract, or one will be provided 
for them. News items to appear in the "Mexico News" section should be one or a 
few paragraphs and include relevant maps; they may include a photograph. 
Deadline for material for number 41 is May 15, 2018. Examples of recent issues 
may be seen as PDF files from

--Bill Mixon,

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