I do not recall an April 7th day in Houston cold enough to put on winter

It would be a good day to go ridgewalking.   Right ??

I am out of stuff to talk about.
You all are probably saying "Hurray!"

The link below is a new YouTube video:
( the caver has others )


I wonder if traveling south of the border would be a good idea with all the
toxic political tension.

I tried to find some April historical dates of speleo interest.  But
nothing I found seemed worth mentioning.  There are 50 year anniversaries
of various things like cave connections or cave discoveries or grotto clubs

On a personal note,

two years ago I decided to take a hiatus from most normal things and
started focusing all my spare time on assembling parts for a new computer
build ( my 4th or 5th new computer build ).   In May of 2016, I installed
Linux for the first time. I now have roughly 900 man-hours since devoted to
that.  I plan to continue to focus all my spare time on that.  If anybody
wants to receive spam related to that please let me know.

David Locklear
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