It seems possibly plausible that there is something in the Congo that is a
catalyst for "reverse-creation" or that causes species to "de-evolve."

Maybe possibly something as elusive like "dark matter."  If so, I hereby
name it - "The Locklear Particle."

On a different note,

an old caver from the Laredo Grotto days contacted me today and said he had
recently moved near Travis County and was going to email a picture of me
that he took at "The Illusive Pit" back around 1995.
I will try to see if he has anything else he wants to share.



I have finally made a tiny insignificant contribution to the world of Linux
desktop computering.

If you go to the SparkyLinux Page of Facebook, you might see a post today
from the developer in Poland that I found a bug and that he fixed it.

I am on my way of becoming a nerd someday.

My poem error was in the reference of the passing of Tom Wolfe.  The poem
was by Thomas Wolfe, also a famous author.
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