Sometime in the late 70s John Chelf took a large group of us from SWTG down 
there.  We were packed in the back of his pickup.  We drove up the bare rock 
mountain side as far as we could as it got steeper and steeper then we chocked 
the wheels and set the brake.  We rigged two ropes, not side by side but end to 
end, to reach the bottom.  I remember Jack Ralph speaking profoundly of passing 
over the knot.  We got confused that night driving down from the mountain side 
and across the desert and ran over a cow, twice, but she was already dead.  
Finally we got to the oasis to get a short nap before driving back home. It was 
a memorable trip.

On a side bar, if anyone knows of someone that could use some beautiful 
weathered gray Edwards Limestone rocks, lots of sizes to pick from, great for 
landscaping, I have a collection.  They are easy to load because they are piled 
at the end of my driveway.  I have photos if you want to see or share.  Contact 
me at<> for more info.

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The owner died.  His wife or children lived on Nebraska St. on the north side 
of Laredo.

His name was Eustorgio Garcia.

I knocked on the door a few years ago, but nobody answered.

It is really hard to organize a trip there.

The ranch hand with the gate key lived in Candela about 5 blocks south of the 

You need 4x4 and mud tires to get past to muddy arroyos ( or carry lumber ),

but the rest of the way, you just need enough ground clearance and tough tires 
to drive over the cactus.

Google Maps show dirt roads in the area of the valley below the cave

On Thu, May 17, 2018, 1:58 PM Bill Steele 
<<>> wrote:
The Illusive Pit near Bustamante. I did it in 1976. Someone ought to get it 
open to cavers again. It’s the finest pit weekend distance from Texas I can 
think of.

Bill Steele<>

> On May 17, 2018, at 2:45 PM, David 
> <<>> wrote:
> It seems possibly plausible that there is something in the Congo that is a 
> catalyst for "reverse-creation" or that causes species to "de-evolve."
> Maybe possibly something as elusive like "dark matter."  If so, I hereby name 
> it - "The Locklear Particle."
> On a different note,
> an old caver from the Laredo Grotto days contacted me today and said he had 
> recently moved near Travis County and was going to email a picture of me that 
> he took at "The Illusive Pit" back around 1995.
> I will try to see if he has anything else he wants to share.
> David
> P.S.
> I have finally made a tiny insignificant contribution to the world of Linux 
> desktop computering.
> If you go to the SparkyLinux Page of Facebook, you might see a post today 
> from the developer in Poland that I found a bug and that he fixed it.
> I am on my way of becoming a nerd someday.
> My poem error was in the reference of the passing of Tom Wolfe.  The poem was 
> by Thomas Wolfe, also a famous author.
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