Greetings Cavers,

We meet again for the first time in 2020 this coming Wednesday, January
15th at 7:30 pm at The High Road on Dawson - 700 Dawson Road, Austin, TX
78704, off Barton Springs Road. Please, no outside food or beverages. They
have happy hours from 5-7 pm for $2-$3 beers, otherwise beer is $3-$4 and a
burger with fries is $5. Arrive early to order!

Our featured speaker for the week is Bill Stone, who will tell us about a
recent visit to Canada’s deepest cave, Mount Bisaro, at -670m deep.

You don't need to be a member of the UT Grotto to attend this presentation
- just show up! You can learn how to become a member at the meeting, if
that interests you.

You can also learn about more caving opportunities locally, and throughout
the world. Several state level caving projects have started up again for
the season, and you may hear about other trips you can join locally,
throughout Texas, and the world.

You can also learn more about how to go caving safely, and where to learn
how to do vertical work from cavers at the meeting.

Kara Savvas

Underground Texas Grotto

Vice President
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