Hang in there Mimi. Sometimes the best and hardest things to do in medical 
treatment requires hurting someone to help them. That takes strength and is 
nothing anyone can criticize you for. 


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Well, another change to the plan. They had asked me yesterday if I wanted them 
to dig deeper into new law to get Jim into rehab,  and I said no. Hence my 
update yesterday. But family was worried about me, for it really is just me, so 
I texted doc late last night and said check. He and case manager spent all day 
doing that, for they could not get the PT and stroke/brain/memory help they 
feel he needs through home health etc here without it costing me an arm and a 
leg. So, after two management meetings and a negative COVID test, I got a call 
from the center his doc really wanted him to go to that he was accepted - but 
law won’t allow me to go. No visitation either. All because of unreported 
deaths, virus cases etc in nursing homes and rehab centers!  And because he 
hops out of bed and tries to go where he wants, he will be in a lock down unit. 

I feel he would get better faster at home mentally, but I can not give him the 
other things he needs. I have to be honest about my physical limitations and 
accept help. My family is ecstatic for both our sakes, and I have to find a way 
to be at peace with this.  At least I know this facility, for Jim’s mom has 
been here for years - even in same unit for a few of those years. She will be 
103 in August, but is now in a unit where she gets the extra physical help she 
needs. Due to virus, though, they will not be allowed to see one another. I 
also know the director of admissions from seeing her around when visiting Jim’s 
mom, and from my work. She is a member of the credit union and member/ friend 
of my boss.  When they had to refuse us yesterday, she saw my name and called 
me personally. Then today called back with the Yes for Jim, but no for me. Case 
worker really tried to get special exemption for me, but that only works for 
end of life residents for last goodbyes. Again, law. They have wonderful PT, 
and specialize in all things memory and brain related -  what Jim needs. They 
have weekly FaceTime day for each wing, and Jim supposedly could get an aid to 
call me so he can talk to me. No phones or tvs in rooms, which is great since 
Jim does not really watch TV. All private rooms with shared bathrooms. 

I have to list positive aspects to help cope with the fact he may go nuts when 
he does not have access to me for two-three weeks. They moved that rascal to a 
different room - right across from the nurses station to keep an eye on him 
better - and he had a nurse call me because he was scared, did not know where 
he was, where was I etc earlier today. Yet they told me this morning before 
that he was totally lucid, answered all their questions correctly, and even 
called doctor by his correct name! I need positive thought and prayer for him 
to be able to handle this separation so as to heal, get better and stronger, 
and come home to me.

For those who know him well, you know he is a friendly guy. When I asked how he 
did today, they said he walked around - with a belt restraint to catch or guide 
him, but no walker -  sat up in his chair for over an hour, and hung out with 
them at the nurses desk for about an hour and a half. I was like ?? Standing 
up?? They said he seemed restless and bored and kept asking for me, so they 
brought him to the desk and sat him in a chair, and he entertained them.  I was 
like were you entertained? The young man laughed and said “oh yeah”.  Jim does 
not drink, but give him a brain event, and no telling what he said! I did have 
another tech ask me if I really met him on a caving trip, and he and another 
said it sounded like we had both had quite an interesting life with many 
adventures. I think they will miss him, and probably why my ears were burning?! 
I bet the walls at that desk will never be the same, and they know things about 
us that would make me blush!! But I wish I had been there to enjoy the show 😊

Will be there early and stay till he goes to rehab to make sure we say goodby, 
and explain again what is happening and why. Wish me luck, and don’t judge me 
too harshly for getting him help outside of home.

Stay safe, be well, and go find a cave!

Mimi Jasek

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