• add new -m/--modal switch to tm_dialog, this brings up the window in a modal 
state, and can be used from commands which “block” TM
• allow buttons to be bound to performButtonClick: in File’s Owner (you have to 
add that method to a dummy File’s Owner subclass) — this method will close the 
window and cause tm_dialog to return. The return code of tm_dialog will be that 
of the buttons tag (so set to != 0 for buttons which should “cancel” and you 
can do ‘if tm_dialog …’) and the plist returned (on stdout) will contain a 
returnCode and returnButton key with the tag and the title of the button

U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Dialog.h
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Dialog.mm
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Example.nib/classes.nib
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Example.nib/keyedobjects.nib
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/tm_dialog.mm

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