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> Dear fellow developers,
> as I've been spending some time with the TagsPlugin source lately, I've
> been stumbling over the rather strange habit of quoting that it does.
> It is not required in the TagsQuery input field, but is getting there,
> i.e. if you follow tags links that look like
>  `http://localhost:8000/sandbox/tags/%27Test%27`
> Despite of the handler for '/tags' there is no such thing like a Trac
> resource 'tags'. This is making all sorts of things more complicated.
> Consider URL construction with the Href class from trac.web.href, if
> you'd like to append some query attributes. It seems impossible right now.
> Anyone able to explain the history and reasons behind this situation?
> Would dropping the quoting in favor of something like
>  `http://localhost:8000/sandbox/tags/Test?realms=wiki&format=table`
> do any harm?

This looks great for specific tags, but the query syntax supports richer
queries, e.g:
Nonetheless, the example I have just specified has no need for quoting,
so I'm still not sure why the quoting exists, and see no good reason to
stick with it.

> I'd like to rather fix this than hack around it to resolve other, even
> related issues. Advise? Suggestions? Thoughts?
> Sincerely.
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