the Trac roadmap plugin from http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/RoadmapPlugin
does not contain any license information. It is therefore legally not
distributable. Given that you published it on the Trac Hacks site, I
assume it is meant to be free software (open source). Would you
please be so kind to add the intended license to your plugin?

There should be a short license text in the "header" of the main
source file (roadmapplugin/trunk/roadmapplugin/roadmap.py) and an
informational line in roadmapplugin/trunk/setup.py. I suggest to use
either BSD license (like Trac), or, if you prefer copyleft, a GPLish
license, such as LGPL or AGPL.

If the plugin gets a proper license, I like to package it for Debian
GNU/Linux, so that Debian users can use your plugin conveniently.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration!

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