I'd like to see about renaming ActiveDirectoryAuthPlugin to 
DirectoryAuthPlugin.  I have improved the plugin significantly, and made it 
less AD specific:

 - supports large flat LDAP implementations via the use of the local users 
table to establish valid users.
 - supports definable attributes for building out userinfo
 - supports ldaps ( assuming you have your certs right, gonna expand a page on 
that )
 - renamed some of the config to make it more significant
 - supports anonymous binding for lookups
 - supports MUCH better caching at the memory and database level

Can someone ping me on what it might take to accomplish this?  I'll release the 
update on the current structure, and if possible, migrate after.


Branson Matheson
Systems Architect
NASA Langley Research Center Airspace & Traffic Operations Simulation Project
LaRC Information Technology Enhanced Services (LITES)
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
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(757) 864-9054 (Office)

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