Hello Adrya,

thanks for showing interest in the CkEditorPlugin.

As it is written in the Wiki-section Configuration 

editor_source:     Path to CKEditor 3.6.x javascript source. 

So in your case the editor_source path should be 

Hope this helps,

Am 04.10.2012 22:07, schrieb Adrya Stembridge:> Hello,
> I am very excited to find that a CkEditor plugin exists for Trac.
> I followed instructions on your helpful wiki page ( 
> http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/CkEditorPlugin ), however after enabling the 
> plugin in *trac.ini* and reloading the httpd server, I still see the old 
> textbox.  I confirmed that the Ckeditor plugin shows enabled in the 
> Admin -> Plugins section.
> The full path to the checked-out copy of ckeditor is:
>     /www/virtualhosts/trac/htdocs/js/ckeditor
> The documentation includes a sample config:
>     Sample configuration (default values shown):
>     [ckeditor]
>     code_styles=  cpp, csharp, java, js, python, sql, default, xml
>     editor_type=  full_integration
>     editor_source=  sites/js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js
> I modified the code_styles slightly, but left the other two options the 
> same.   Is the problem that the editor_source is not configured 
> correctly?  The folder "sites" looks unfamilar, but I'm unsure if that's 
> the way it needs to be for my installation.
> Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
> -Adrya

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