You may have noticed spam on a large number of pages in recent days.
Some-one/thing figured out how to get through the spam filter.

Some well-intentioned individual came through and removed the spam by
editing the 2 dozen or so pages. While I (and the community) certainly
appreciate this initiative, it actually causes me more work because I'd like
to get the spam removed from the page history, and in order to do this I now
have 2 edits to delete for each page.

Generally, I try to review the RSS feed daily and remove spam entries. There
are other admins that do the same. Sometimes I get a few days behind, but I
review every edit to the site eventually, and will catch almost every bit of

What would be better than making these edits is to send me or another admin
(1) a reminder message if the spam has been present for more than a day or
so. If one of us knows you well, and you'd like to help out more, we can
give you elevated permissions on the site so that you can delete the spam

- Ryan


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