Steffen Hoffmann-2 wrote
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> On 10.04.2014 13:27, Paul Tobias wrote:
>> AttributeError: 'FakeRequest' object has no attribute 'authname'
> My investigation uncovered, that TracHacksPlugin did not adapt to
> extended requirements of new tag change recording in tractags-0.7.
>  It must have hit even before updating t-h.o to current stable release,
> but this is the first report about it. Thank you very much for
> notification about this issue.
> A patch to fix this is attached to a new ticket against TracHacksPlugin
> [1]. I would rather not interfere with the work lead by Ryan to update
> the Plugin, so I'll stand back unless invited to assist further on.
> Steffen Hoffmann
> [1]

Thanks Steffen and Paul. The patch has been applied to TracHacksPlugin and
deployed to the site.

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