Once lord Krishna was getting dressed up in the front of the
mirror,dressing himself up, adorning the jewels and admiring himself.

The charioteer was waiting outside. He waited and waited for a long time,
but Lord Krishna wasn't coming out. So, he comes inside too see Lord
Krishna and said- 'Lord, what are you doing, where are we going'? The Lord
said - 'To go and meet Duryodhana'. The charioteer was shocked - why are
you going to meet him. He should come and meet you? This is not right for
you to go there. You have dressed up so nicely, so well!'

You know what Lord Krishna said? 'Darkness will not go to the light. *The
light will have to go to the darkness'.*That's why I have to go to him. And
Duryodhna can only see what is outside, he cannot recognize what is inside.
He only sees what i am wearing and how do i look.

People often ask me - Gurudev, why are you going to Iraq? I say - we need
to go there! The talk of peace is more relevant where there is war,.*
Wherever there is ignorance, the knowledge has to reach there*

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