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  - The Fukushima Effect on Les and Dewi [1 Update]
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Topic: The Fukushima Effect on Les and Dewi
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From: Evan Jones <evanj.ba...@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 19 12:40PM +0700
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More on the idea of "radiation hormesis", the idea that a little
ionizing radiation is good for you ..

Ray Peat did a couple of interviews back in April 2009 on this topic,
where he  says that the entire concept of radiation being beneficial
was promoted to the public by self interested corporations, back in
the 40s and 50s. (We were also told around that time that
polyunsaturated fats were "heart healthy" - by similarly self
interested corporations, back then).

Peat's view is that any amount of radiation is harmful, although air
crew who spend a lot of time at 30,000ft get hit by more cosmic rays
than those on the ground but suffer less cell damage, for reasons that
he explains in these interviews.

The two talks can be downloaded here:

There is a 3rd talk, post Fukushima 2011, which looks interesting,
though I haven't listened to it yet:

"In the context of the March 2011 nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima
Power Plant, Dr. Raymond Peat (PhD. in Biololgy) speaks on the health
effects of low, (and high) level nuclear radiation, and the
intentional obfuscation of Science by the Nuclear industry, the
military, and their (captured) government "regulators", as they
attempt to convince the public that radiation is harmless (or even
beneficial (hormesis))!.
         Peat says the effects are not well understood, that in
addition to genetic damage, there are long range multi generational
negative disordering and excitatory effects that are non-genomic. Peat
cites recent and past research exploring this phenomena.  "

Currently in Batam
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"A lie becomes the truth when:
the media report it, the academics teach it, and the historians record
it." Harland Wolf, Bangkok 2016.

Topic: Favorite links to the Putin interviews & articles
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From: Evan Jones <evanj.ba...@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 19 09:46AM +0700
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Len wrote:
>Putin appears to be one of the most sensible voices on the world stage even 
>tho the western press spins it opposite,.. well what else would those lying 
>bastards do anyway? It's to be expected.

Len wrote:
>You didn't send me your list of favorite links to the Putin interviews & 
>articles yet

Two of Putin's classic speeches must include :
1. the one he made in Munich in 2007 (where he said that  Wolfowitz
type Doctrines are unacceptable in today's multi polar world.)

2. the interview he gave on about 04 march 2014 about the Victoria
Nuland's Ukrainian coup, where, between the lines, it seems that
Russia saw this coup coming and that if NATO thinks they can handle
this financial tar baby, then let's see what happens.

3. add to this,  any one of those annual press conferences where he
sits on small stool and talks extemporaneously for 3 or 4 hours about
Russia and it's place in the world.

Putin gave a speech that addressed the 2014  Valdai International
Discussion Club's theme for that year entitled:  “The World Order:
NewRules, or a Game Without Rules.”
  Dmitry Orlov, called the speech ".. probably the most important
political speech since Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech of March 5,

Currently in Batam
Indonesian Mobile:     +62 811 777 994
"A lie becomes the truth when:
the media report it, the academics teach it, and the historians record
it." Harland Wolf, Bangkok 2016.

Topic: ISIS executioner executed
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From: Evan Jones <evanj.ba...@gmail.com>
Date: Sep 18 05:03PM +0700
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Russ wrote:
> There is an old saying that "only bad new is news." But what is bad news
> to some is often heart-warning good news to others.
> http://nypost.com/2016/09/11/sniper-takes-out-isis-executioner-from-a-mile-away/

Seeing as ISIS has the appearance of a manufactured enemy, promoted in
videos made by Rita Katz and her zionist financed group at CITES, US
foreign policy is in a real muddle when one US sponsored terror (err ,
sorry "rebel") group is attacking other US sponsored "rebel" groups.

Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was “a
willful decision” and Defends Accuracy of 2012 Memo

ISIS — An Israeli Project, Says General Clark
General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO, told CNN that
the Islamic Emirate (“Daesh”) had been “created by our friends and
allies to defeat Hezbollah.”

Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked
to UK Department of Work and Pensions

How Gladio Morphed Its Al Qaeda Brand into ISIS- A Step-By-Step Illustration

The ISIS Conspiracy: How Israel and the West Manipulate Our Minds
Through Fear Paperback – March 1, 2015 by Brandon Martinez

Where did the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) come from? How
did this terrorist group go from an unknown phantom to seizing vast
stretches of territory in Syria and Iraq in less than a year? Who is
sponsoring ISIS and for what purpose? In a series of hard-hitting
articles, Canadian writer Brandon Martinez uncovers the hidden hand of
Israel and the West behind the meteoric rise of ISIS and the
underlying Zionist destabilization agenda that it serves. Martinez
cuts through mainstream media hype and disinformation which seeks to
confound the masses about ISIS's true origins as well as whitewash the
critical role of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel in
spawning the Takfiri militants who have besieged both Iraq and Syria.
Martinez traces the roots of the conspiracy back to Israel's Oded
Yinon plan which aims to fracture and balkanize the Middle East.

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