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Topic: Infonomics - Trump's true believers ride the conspiracy train
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From: Evan Jones <evanj.ba...@gmail.com>
Date: Oct 16 03:09PM +0700
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> On 10/16/16, Benjamin Wells <b...@benjaminwells.com.au> wrote:
>> Evan has very good company
>> http://www.smh.com.au/world/us-election/donald-trumps-true-believers-ride-the-conspiracy-train-20161014-gs2bg1.html

So some hack from the Fairfax media has joined in slagging off Trump?
(Who was doing okay until he suggested that the US and Russia could
try getting along with each other in an effort to avoid World War 3.)

Since then, the media has launched one of the most intense propaganda
campaigns in history, aimed at weakening Trump.

The New York Times has been running as many as 10 attack items in a single day!

By openly calling for dialog, not war, Trump has now put himself in
the same very dangerous position as JFK, who signed his own death
warrant, five months in advance of his assassination, with his
dramatic call for peace at the Commencement Address he delivered to
American University in June 1963. (A speech which was largely ignored
by the presstitutes of the day.)

What did Kennedy say?

"What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a
Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not
the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking
about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth
living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and
to build a better life for their children--not merely peace for
Americans but peace for all men and women--not merely peace in our
time but peace for all time."

   [stuff deleted]

"I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary rational end of
rational men. I realize that the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic
as the pursuit of war--and frequently the words of the pursuer fall on
deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task."

   [stuff deleted]

"    First: Let us examine our attitude toward peace itself. Too many
of us think it is impossible. Too many think it unreal. But that is a
dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is
inevitable--that mankind is doomed--that we are gripped by forces we
cannot control."

Judging by history, if Trump does actually win (nobody wants Hillary),
his presidency may not even last as long as JFK's, as the More War
party always seems to eventually get their way.

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