I tried the code below for using theano.printing.Print()

x_t = T.matrix('x_t')
x2 = theano.tensor.matrix('x2')

Print2d = theano.printing.Print('theano.printing.Print : ', attrs=('shape') 
print2dFunc = theano.function(inputs=[x2], outputs = Print2d)

The code above is written after import  theano.

and print2dFunc(x_t) is added when step function begins.

But, when compiling, error occurs

TypeError: ('Bad input argument to theano function with name 
"seq2seq2.py:29"  at index 0(0-based)', 'Expected an array-like object, but 
found a Variable: maybe you are trying to call a function on a (possibly 
shared) variable instead of a numeric array?')

what should I do ?


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