Hi All,
    I am trying to install cuDNN for theano on Windows7 and find that it is 
not getting detected. When I tried to debug it by putting prints in the 
dnn_available() function I get the following error:
>>> import theano                                                           
False try_flags_lsdtu7.c                                                   
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 
Using gpu device 0: Quadro K2000M (CNMeM is enabled with initial size: 
70.0% of memory, cuDNN not available)  

The log I added in dnn_available() is as follows:
comp, out, err = nvcc_compiler.NVCC_compiler.try_flags(
                flag_list=params, preambule=preambule, body=body,
                try_run=False, output=True)

            print(comp, out, err)

I have installed theano version 0.8.2 and Cuda version 7.5 with Visual 
Studio 2013 community edition and am trying with CuDNN version 4 

Any help in debugging this issue would help?

Thanks in advance

K. J. Nitthilan


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