*Initial Variables*
*x = T.dmatrix('x')*
*y = T.dmatrix('y')*

*These are the weights of a neural network*
*W1_vals = np.asarray(rng.randn(input, hidden), dtype=theano.config.floatX)*
*W1 = shared(value=W1_vals, name='W1')*
*W2_vals = np.asarray(rng.randn(hidden, output), 

*W2 = shared(value=W2_vals, name='W2')*

*Cost function is:*
hidden_activations = T.nnet.sigmoid(T.dot(x, W1))
prob_y_given_x = T.nnet.softmax(T.dot(hidden_activations, W2))

#y is one-hot vectors
*cost = T.mean(T.nnet.categorical_crossentropy(prob_y_given_x, y))*
*params = [W1, W2]*

*Corresponding gradients are computed as*
*grads = T.grad(cost, params)*

*Updates rule is*
lr = 0.01
updates = [(param, param-lr*grad) for param, grad in zip(params, grads)]

*Function to train the model*
*train = function(inputs=[x, y], outputs=cost, updates=updates)*

*The problem I'm facing*
*I'm updating the weights after one full sweep of training data (50 
*When I print out the values of W1 and W2 after each iteration(using 
W1.get_value() etc), W2 seems to get updated but not W1*
*Values of W1 are constant through out.*
*Where is the mistake in my code?*
*I'm unable to figure it out*


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