On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 5:42:30 PM UTC+2, nouiz wrote:
> For the memory error, the problem is that you try to allocate 14G for a 
> shared variable on a 12G GPU. This is probably not what you want to do.
> Use theano.tensor.nnet.conv3d now (not conv3d2d.conv3d() or dnn_conv3d). 
> But we need to fix the memory problem. conv3d2d.conv3d probably cause an 
> upcast to float32 in the computation. That would explain the last error.

Hi Fred,
looking in theano.tensor.nnet I don't see theano.tensor.nnet.conv3d: i find 
Conv3D.conv3D, conv3d2d.conv3d or conv2d



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