On Mon, Oct 17, 2016, senthil Nathan wrote:
> btw Im also having messages like , CVM does not support memory profile , 
> using stack VM. 

This is normal.

> > Dear Members , if I use CPU to run theano , is the pycuda need to be 
> > setup. Thanks

No, PyCUDA is not needed at all. We have some integration for adding
code written in PyCUDA into Theano, and this is what the test is trying
to do, but you are not missing on any feature if you do not have PyCUDA.

> > When i'm running the test im getting All-NaN slice encountered , All-NaN 
> > axis  encounteredas runtime warnings as well. Is it normal ? 

Yes, these are warnings emitted by NumPy when we test certain things.



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