I installed latest build of theano and while importing, it is stuck at 
"importing theano" forever.
I am using a cluster of GPUs. On the cluster there are TitanX and TitanXP 
GPUs. on parts with TitanX, under the same setting, theano is working fine.
However, when I submit the job to nodes containing TitanXP, the code gets 
stuck at importing theano forever and never proceeds further.
This rules out the fact that source of problem could be CUDA version or 
flags. Anyway following are the details of my setting.

I have 
cuda: 8.0 
cudnn: 5.1. 

I have following flags:
theano_flags['force_device']                = 'True'
theano_flags['dnn.enabled']                 = 'True'
theano_flags['floatX']                      = 'float32'
theano_flags['assert_no_cpu_op']            = 'warn'
theano_flags['allow_gc']                    = 'True'
theano_flags['gpuarray.preallocate']        = '0.80'
theano_flags['dnn.conv.algo_bwd_filter']    = 'deterministic'   # Necessary 
for deterministic training runs.
theano_flags['dnn.conv.algo_bwd_data']      = 'deterministic'   # Necessary 
for deterministic training runs.

I use environment variable to set 
so, it is also not a problem of assigning right GPU.

Also, I have used other TitanXp with tensorflow and pytorch with same CUDA 
drivers. So, that is also not source of problem either.

Has anyone encountered similar issue before?


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