I would like to have one variable representing the huge list of 
TensorVariable provided with dic_in and dic_out. But I don't manage to do 
that with the inner function of theano scan.

def inner_function(dic_in, dic_out, *args):
     input_t0, input_t1, input_t2 = dic_in
     cell_tm1, cell_tm2, cell_tm3 = dic_out

and not

def inner_function(input_t0, input_t1, input_t2, cell_tm1, cell_tm2, 
cell_tm3, *args):

nb_time_steps = 3
jump_step = 1
step_list_in = [i for i in range(0, nb_time_steps, jump_step)]
step_list_out = [i for i in range(-nb_time_steps, 0, jump_step)]

dic_in = {'input': sequences, 'taps': step_list_in}
dic_out = {'initial': cell_init, 'taps': step_list_out}
non_seqs = 

results, updates = theano.scan(fn=inner_function, sequences = [dic_in], 
 outputs_info = [dic_out],
                                  non_sequences = non_seqs, strict=True)[0]

Would someone have some ideas ?

Thank you !


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