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The 1700s

October 4, 1766

Louis' mortal birthday. Born in France. City unknown.


The Pointe du Lac family immigrates to Louisianna due to a land grant. Monsieur de Pointe du Lac establishes an indigo plantation and titles it Pointe du Lac. He dies when Louis is of a very young age, leaving Louis to be master of the plantation and head of the family.


Louis' brother Paul sees visions from God and spends most of his time in the oratory that Louis built for him. Paul persuades Louis to sell the plantation and follow his visions. Louis refuses, an arguement occurs and Paul leaves, falling down the stairs, breaking his neck and dies. The authorities are called in whereby his mother blames Louis for the murder of Paul. Louis, then, moves the entire family to New Orleans whereby he goes into a drunken state with endless nights of gambling and various prosititutes in hopes of death.

March 2, 1791

One drunken night, Louis is about to be killed by someone who was to rob him, he is intervened by Lestat de Lioncourt who drinks him dry. He is found in a delirium by his sister.

March 3, 1791

Lestat pays Louis a visit in his room. There he offers him the Dark Gift. Louis spends the entire evening considering it. On this night, Louis saw his last sunrise.

March 4, 1791

Louis meets Lestat at the Pointe du Lac plantation. There Lestat makes him kill the overseer to prove he is worthy of the Gift. Lestat then makes Louis into a vampire.

1791 - 1794

Lestat, Louis and Lestat's blind father live together at Pointe du Lac. Repulsed by Lestat's brash behavior and the need to drink mortal blood, Louis decides to drink from animals. Louis meets and falls in love with Babette Freniere, giving her words of advice. When Lestat kills the Babette's brother and only male of the family, Louis gives Babette advice into how to take control of the Freniere plantation without a man. Louis' mother dies. Louis does not attend the funeral, claiming he had come down with malaria. Louis' sister also marries.


Lestat and Louis driven out of Pointe du Lac by slaves who believe their masters are the devil. Louis kills Lestat's father upon his request and burns down Pointe du Lac. They goto Babette to hide. Babette sees Louis as a vampire and calls him the Satan. She then goes insane. Louis's sister assumes his death. The next night, Lestat and Louis move to New Orleans and live in a Spanish Hotel. There Lestat playfully drinks from two prostitutes which sicken Louis, causing him to leave. He then finds Claudia and drinks from her. Lestat finds him and heckles him for giving in. Louis leaves in a fury, leaving Claudia half dead. Lestat brings Louis to the hospital where Claudia is then taken to the Spanish Hotel. There, Lestat persuades Louis to finish drinking from her which he does. Lestat then makes Claudia into a vampire.


Louis, Lestat, and Claudia live at the townhouse on Rue Royal.

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The 1800s


Claudia's hatred for Lestat grows as she matures into the mind of a young woman. She questions her existence whereby Louis brings her to where he found her. He tells her about the evening of her birth. Louis and Claudia plan to leave. As Louis prepares by signing Rue Royale and several construction companies over to Lestat, Claudia plots Lestat's death. She feeds him two dead boys and then plunges a knife into his throat, gashing it open. Louis helps Claudia take Lestat's body to the Bayou Swamp. About to leave for Eastern Europe to find more their kind, Lestat returns with the musician that Lestat had made into a vampire. Louis throws a lantern at Lestat, burning him and the Rue Royale Townhouse. They esape by boat to Eastern Europe. In Eastern Europe, they meet vampires who are nothing more than mindless corpses. They goto Paris, where they meet the Theater of the Vampires and Armand. Louis falls in love with Armand and plans to leave with him. Out of pressure, Louis makes Madeleine into a vampire so that Claudia will have someone to care for her. They live together in the hotel until the Theater of the Vampires come and take them away. They condemn them for the murder of Lestat, who appears to lay blame on Claudia. Claudia and Madeleine are placed into a chamber where they are killed by the sun. Louis is enclosed in a coffin and buried into the wall. The next evening, Armand frees Louis who runs back to the Theater and finds Lestat holding Claudia's bloodied yellow dress and Claudia's ashes. From revenge, Louis plans the killing of the entire Theater, except Armand. He enters near day break, with a scythe and burning the Theater down.


Armand and Louis travel around the world and return to New Orleans where they part.

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The 1900s


Louis follows a baby stealing vampire and finds Lestat in New Orleans, weak and insane. Lestat begs Louis not to go but Louis leaves, never to see him again.


Moves to San Francisco where he tells his life story to Daniel Malloy at the house on Divisadero Street.


Interview with the Vampire is published.

October 30, 1985

The Vampire Lestat is published. Louis reads it and reunites with Lestat on the eve of Lestat's rock concert.

October 31, 1985

Louis goes with Lestat to Lestat's rock concert. Vampires attack them and they are saved by Gabrielle. Akasha arrives and kills all vampires except for the ones that Lestat loves and the Children of the Millennium. Louis and the vampires gather at the Sonoma Compound where they listen to Maharet tell the history of their exisitence. Akasha arrives and Louis speaks out against her. Mekare arrives and kills Akasha, eating her brain while Maharet eats her heart, making them the new Queens of the Damned.

1985 to 1990

The vampires live together at Armand's Night Island. Louis, after listening to Jesse's meeting with Claudia's ghost, leaves for New Orleans in search of her. Lestat finds him at the Rue Royale Townhouse. They go for a walk to Louis' tomb. Then Lestat takes Louis on a flight around the world, ending up in London where Lestat meets David. Louis is in the shadows.


Queen of the Damned is published.


Move back to New Orleans and lives in a cottage behind an uptown Victorian mansion.


Lestat tells Louis about Raglan James and his offer to make him mortal again. Louis warns not to do it. When Lestat does become mortal and realize he is tricked, he begs Louis to make him immortal again so he can go after Raglan and get his body back. Louis refuses. In a rage, Lestat burns Louis' house down. When Lestat regains his body back, he rebuilds the Rue Royale Townhouse and invites Louis to live with him which he accepts. After David is made into vampire, David goes to Louis for advice. The three of them live together at Rue Royale.


The Tale of the Body Thief is published.


Louis returns to Paris where he is with Armand.


Louis returns to New Orleans to comfort Lestat after hearing about Veronica's Veil from the news. He brings Lestat to St. Elizabeth's where Lestat goes mad after seeing his eye returned. Louis begs Maharet not to chain Lestat. He then reads to Lestat in his cell and conforts him.

November 11, 1994

Interview with the Vampire (the movie) opens in theaters. Brad Pitt portrays Louis.


Memnoch the Devil is published.


Pandora--The New Tales of The Vampires is published.


The Vampire Armand is published.


David asks Merrick to raise the ghost of Claudia for Louis. In a seance, Louis offers himself as the blood sacrifice along with a small locket with Claudia's only photograph in it. The ghost of Claudia tells him that he was used and that she never loved him. Louis also falls in love with Merrick Mayfair, who he later makes her his fledgling. After the Dark Gift is given, Louis places himself out into the sun to die, only to not be turned to ashes but coal. Lestat wakens and gives Louis his blood, along with David and Merrick, to save him. Louis and Lestat also undergo a blood exchange and now Louis has Lestat's strong blood within him. The Talamasca demand the return of Merrick, thus, forcing Lestat, Louis, David and Merrick to leave New Orleans to an unknown destination.

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Merrick is published.


Come one come all Mortals who are willing to stick their neck out for a vampire to feed upon.  We will be willing to share our Dark Gift to you mortals if you pass our test.

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