The article said,
"The White House is expected to ask Congress for up to $90 billion to pay for a war with Iraq...".
Hm-m-m-m-m, let me think about that for a minute. Does this mean that if congress doesn't allow the expense, that the war would go unfunded and then not be able to come to fruition? Do the people still have some input to this mess? Would petitioning your US Senators and Representatives to not fund the war squash any plans to implement the war?
I'm not familiar with government expenditures and am not sure how this other statement fits in with not funding the war.
"So far, Congress has approved $376 billion for the Defense Department for this year."
 Does this mean that the military already has the funds? If so then is the $90B is in addition to the $376B? If so, then do we still have a chance to stop the war? Sounds like passing the word to instruct congress to not fund the war is a viable strategy. What do you think?
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White House to Seek Up to $90B for War

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