No, it seems not.

It works only for stations in scraps and centrelines.

Not for scraps in maps

Not for maps in maps


And yes, I was using CaveName to mean SurveyName.




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Isn’t it feature?


Not: <scrap or map name>@CaveName 

but: <scrap or map name>@SurveyName 




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Good evening


station-names <prefix> <suffix> is a nice little statement that I use all the 
time for scraps, and occasionally for centrelines.

Checking in the Therion Book just now, it seems that that is all station-names 
works for, which I guess is kind of logical, as those are the only entities 
that contain stations.


I was just looking at my map definitions, which contain lots of;

<scrap or map name>@CaveName 



And thought that it would be nice to have something like station-names to avoid 
having to repeat the @CaveName suffix ad nauseam.  I tried using station-names 
in my map definition, but get the admonishment “station-names specification not 
valid for map”



Easy to implement?








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