if your way works it is OK. But according Therion's philosophy it could be better to create another 
"higher" "index" .th file which will include all your individual .th files:

survey all
input ./AllieSpringCaveSurvey/
input ./MillCreekCaveSurvey/
input ./ShiftyRockPit/

map #if necessary

Than in thconfig should be source

In menu on right side of comparator window you may click on survey or map 
structure and check, how your data and maps are organised.

Martin S.

On Feb 18, 2018, at 03:27 PM, Bill Gee via Therion <> wrote:

Hello everyone -
Well, that turned out to be easy! I was fearing a huge conglomerated mess of 
entries in a thconfig and *.th file. It turned out to be some relatively simple 
mods to thconfig.
As noted by several people - I put each cave survey in its own directory. Each 
directory contains a master .th file and a thconfig file. For bigger projects I 
create a subdirectory for each survey trip which contains the centerline data 
and all scanned sketches from that trip. It also contains the .th2 files.
One of the centerline data files (usually the first one) contains the GPS 
coordinates of the cave and also specifies the entrance station.
To create the combined map, I created a new survey directory. It contains only 
a thconfig file. The thconfig file names the three cave surveys like this:
# Name the three input caves
source ../AllieSpringCaveSurvey/
source ../MillCreekCaveSurvey/
source ../ShiftyRockPit/
The layout sections are exactly the same as in the thconfig files for each 
cave. The TeX code that I have for changing the size of the legend is also 
identical, as is the MetaPost code for drawing my custom symbols.
At the bottom of the thconfig file I listed the exports. The only thing I 
changed was the export file names. Everything else is the same as in the 
thconfig files for each cave.
# The main plan map
export map -proj plan -layout mainmapnocolor -o CaveRanch.pdf
# The main map for printing
export map -proj plan -layout mainmapprint -o CaveRanchPrint.pdf
(continue for kml, lox and 3d files)
When I ran therion with this thconfig file, it Just Worked! The first time! I 
was astounded. The output files contain all three cave maps and they are 
properly located relative to each other. WooHoo! That was easy!
The next adventure will happen when the link between two of the caves is finally 
surveyed. The use of an "equate" statement has been mentioned. That needs to go 
in a .th file - right? Which means, in the end, there will be four .th files mentioned in 
the thconfig. Is that right?
Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

Bill Gee

On Friday, February 16, 2018 10:57:27 PM CST Bruce Mutton via Therion wrote:
Hi Bill

I think you have the answers you need already, but I’ll add my two bits

I do almost the same as Ladislav.

Sounds like your caves are or should be part of one Therion project (simply
because they are in the same general locality). No need to change anything
other than to make sure all of the existing cave folders are collected
together in a single project folder (as in the image below).

In the example below, my project folder is th_TakakaValley/trunk (the
/trunk is just an artefact of the version control system we use) and there
are 7 caves.

The other folders are for outputs and standardised layout files.

I use a flat structure these days, ie each individual cave has its own
folder, with INDEX*.th and thconfig files, which is entirely self-contained
(except for the output and standard files folders) so an individual cave
can be easily moved to any other folder location and still compile with
little fuss.

Below, the INDEXTakakaValley.thc ties together all of the caves in the
project, and puts them on the same map. If two or more of the caves were
joined, then I would just create another INDEX file in the top level
project folder, eg INDEXBaigentsBreweryCaves.thc, and possibly matching
thconfg and layout files.

If you download the latest development version of Therion, you can use a
lookup to specify particular colours for each of the caves, as described[]=lookup#colour_scales_-_lookups
kups> (half way down the page).


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