The variation throughout the year is fairly minimal and I don’t believe it is 
statistically relevant to worry about the data collection month.


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Thanks for your reply Ladislav.

I know that but the automatic declination is calculated for the first januray 
of the year which is enter, not for the exact date.
It's not a probleme for the accuracy of the survey ?

Martin K.

Le 2 mars 2018 17:05, "Ladislav Blažek" 
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declination should be calculated automatically based on the survey date.
Declination parameter is for manual correction.

2. 3. 2018 v 16:29, Martin KERN via Therion 
Quick question concerning the magnetic declination.
How you indicate it?
Just by entering the date or with the command <declination>?
Because when I just specify the date, the declination which is calculate is for 
the first January, even if I specify another month in the centreline (e.g. 
28.08.2017). Consequently, centreline is slightly offset that if I enter the 
real declination for the date.
I don’t know if this shift is important for survey accuracy or if I can ignore 
it ?

Thanks and sorry for all my questions.
Martin K.

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