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13. 6. 2018 v 0:07, Marco Menchise via Therion <>:

> Hello,
> is there a simple way to scale .th2 scraps to make they perfectly match the 
> scale factor of a .xvi file used as background image in xtherion?
> I want to edit a set of scraps (which are contained in a single th2 file) 
> while having centerline and splays as a background image. So I usually 
> generate the .xvi file from centerline data and load it as a background image 
> of the scrap in xtherion. If the scraps don't have the same scale factor of 
> the background I'm not able to superimpose them and edit the drawing.
> How to make they match? Should I edit .th2 files by hands and do some 
> calculations?
> Could someone please clarifiy how Therion manages scale factor of scraps?
> My scraps usually contain stations so I'm quite sure I don't have to change 
> the "-scale" option of the scraps.
> Thanks,
> Marco
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