Hi Bill,

we have rearranged therion metapost code in latest commits and now (using
last devel build) it should be possible to have boxed height labels just by
using following code in your layout:

code metapost

The magic number 6 stands for boxed label. See
https://github.com/therion/therion/blob/master/mpost/thText.mp#L85 for list
of all label modes.

Please let us know, if this is what you have been looking for or more
complicated changes are needed.


On Wed, 19 Sep 2018 at 23:35, Bill Gee via Therion <therion@speleo.sk>

> Hello everyone -
> A common convention around Missouri cave mapping is to indicate the height
> change of a floor step by enclosing the value in a square box.  This is
> not
> the same as ceiling height which is enclosed in a circle or oval.
> I have been using the object "point height" for this.  It works except
> there
> is nothing around the value.  It just hangs out in space, so to speak.
> I used the "-d" option to dump all the MetaPost and TeX code.  I find no
> references in any of the files to objects of type height or
> passage-height,
> which implies that these two objects are not generated by MetaPost.
> Is it possible to redefine the "point height" symbol so it draws a square
> box
> around the value?
> Thanks!
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> Bill Gee
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