Is working now.

Documented how it appears to work here


                    |-maps   (enables or disables output map structure for the 
selected surveys)

                    |-maps-offset (enables or disables output of defined 
passage offsets from their true positions) 

maps if maps OFF is chosen, defined map structures are NOT parsed to the 
outputs (therefore offsets are disabled and previews of passages are not 
shown). Only scraps from the selected (or source) surveys are output. Survey 
centrelines and stations are not output.

maps-offset if OFF is chosen, defined offsets are ignored, and the scraps are 
drawn in their true positions. Previews are exported as usual (although 
previews associated with any offsets are of course not required). Maps-offset 
has no meaning or effect if maps off is also chosen.




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Hi Bruce,


obviously there was an error in the code, now it should work as expected.

Only selected maps are exported and maps offset can be turned off. Thanks for 
finding out.



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