Hi all,

It’s been a long time between updates about released versions, but I’ve just 
published thinking-sphinx v4.0.0.

There’s not much in the way of breaking changes from the v3 releases (provided 
you’re up-to-date with v3.4.x, at least), and there’s some neat new features 
(merging support and UNIX sockets support), as well as allowing Flying Sphinx 
to use the standard ts-prefixed rake tasks (consistent behaviour across all 
platforms! Huzzah!)
… and if you are a Flying Sphinx customer, upgrading thinking-sphinx to v4.0.0 
and flying-sphinx to v2.0.0 is certainly recommended.

Slightly more detail can be found in a blog post:
And far more detail in the release notes:

Oh, and in case anyone here was curious - thinking-sphinx has been around for 
over 10 years! 🎂 Thank you so much to everyone here for using the gem, 
providing feedback, and contributing patches over the years :)


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