the changelog for Thunar 0.9.0 mentions this:

Use the correct HAL property to determine whether a given volume or
device requires eject (Bug #3119).

As I wasn't aware that #3119 was already fixed in SVN, I opened #3466
and created my own fix. It asks HAL for the eject flag:

+  /* an eject menu entry is shown if this returns true */
+  volume_hal->eject = libhal_drive_requires_eject (hd);

The SVN changeset for revision 25647 shows that Benny did it in the
same way:

+  /* check if the drive requires eject */
+  volume_hal->requires_eject = libhal_drive_requires_eject (hd);

However, all the devices that previously had an eject button in the
context menu don't have it anymore with 4.4.2. I checked the lshal
output and the eject property is still there for the device:

storage.requires_eject = true  (bool)

I noticed that the changes done by Benny use a function
thunar_vfs_volume_is_ejectable(), whereas I just modified
thunar_vfs_volume_is_disc() to return true for devices with the eject

I assume that the new eject feature in 4.4.2 is tested and working, I
just don't know _how_ it works. Can anyone enlighten me what I have to
do to get the eject button back for my iPod, card reader etc.?

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