Tino Keitel wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> what do you think about the patch? It does not hurry for Xfce itself,
> but the Debian maintainers wait for a comment to decide if this fix can
> be included in the 4.4.2 build for Debian.

Functionally it looks ok (haven't tested it; just glanced at the patch).

I do have issues with using the term "Eject" here.  It makes sense for 
optical or tape drives, but not really for (e.g.) USB flash drives. 
I've seen discussion about this elsewhere, but I don't remember where, 
or what the conclusions were, and I don't have a better word or phrase 
to use in its place.  It appears that both WinXP (right click on a USB 
drive in Explorer) and MacOS X (right click [or control-click] on USB 
drive in the shortcuts pane in Finder) use the "Eject" terminology, so 
at least it's not without precedent...


P.S.  Also, what happens for the "Floppy Drive" icon?  Sounds pretty 
confusing to have an "Eject" menu item that -- physically -- appears to 
do nothing (unless you're on an old Mac).
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