Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:

> By the way (and this is a new thread I guess), for some devices it's ok to
> have eject and umount. The only one I'm thinking of is RW CD/DVD where if the
> cd is mounted you can't blank it. Now you want to unmount it but you can only
> eject it, so you do that and reinsert it. Now you have activated automounting,
> and hop, restart the loop.

No no no no no.  The program (GUI program, presumably) that handles the 
CD blanking should know how to unmount the CD if necessary.  This is a 
useless implementation detail, and there's zero reason to expose this in 
the user interface.  If the user is going to use a CLI program to do the 
blanking, they're certainly capable of unmounting the CD manually (or, 
hell, the CLI program should do it for you).  IMO 'Unmount' should 
*never* be in a user interface that most users see[1].


[1] Obviously an advanced GUI disk partitioning/formating/etc. utility 
type application might have an unmount action, but that's different.

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